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Redire explores the complex relations we have when trying to balance living between two worlds. The story follows a girl who is navigating her way through a strange and unfamiliar land, which has been split into multiple alternate dimensions.

The game utilizes standard 2D platformer mechanics with a simple puzzle system which encourages players to explore the in-game world. 

The player must scavenge for orbs scattered around each level to progress the story and level. There are multiple endings which can be achieved, through choosing different paths in the game. 


Redire Mac .zip 53 MB
Redire PC build.zip 52 MB


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Hm. I think, for an exploration game, there is a lack of actual things to find at the end of the paths I went. And for a decision making game, there is not any knowledge about what consequences cartain doors may have, which means, I'm taking paths carelessly, not making any kind of decision, not even an estimating one.

I like the artistic approach and the atmosphere of the game, though.

Hope this feedback helps somewhat :-)

yes! I working on trying to incorporate the art more into areas of the map to hint at the different consequences. Thanks for your feedback :)

Hi there! Really cool game and I love the fact that your decisions are changing the story! keep it up!

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